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  • Greenville Educational Article of the Month - How to Kill an Opossum

How to Kill an Opossum

If you are a home owner or have a large South Carolina property and you have opossums lurking about, you have my deepest apologies. These pesky critters can be a real handful because they get into virtually everything imaginable. They are dirty animals that leave a wake of trouble behind them, and on top of it all they are carriers of many diseases that you surely don’t want to risk your family or pets getting.

If you are in a situation like then you surely want to remove these critters from your property. The problem is that this is a lot easier said than done. You can try repellants and the like to keep them away, but they will ignore those things some times, and still remain. It can be both baffling and frustrating.

Many choose to try to trap the opossum and take them to another location South Carolina to be set free. Out of sight, out of mind does not work when you have a whole bunch of them patrolling your South Carolina property however. You can only trap so many before the problem becomes too much to handle.

This may lead you to inevitably turn to one option - death. I know many will not like to think of this as a viable alternative but you have to consider that it may be your only option. You simply cannot take the risk of these creatures leaving behind a parasite that infects your children, or them biting your pet and giving it rabies.

If you have decided that this is the best option, then you should be aware that there some choices on how you will accomplish your task. Some you may find better than others, but we will leave you with a clear sampling to examine.

The first of these is that you can simply go out and shoot them as they come to your property. You should be aware that killing possums in some states is illegal so check to make sure before selecting this option. In fact, check before you select any option. The last thing you want is to be incarcerated for possum killing. You will be laughed at by the other inmates and no one wants that.

If you intend to shoot the possums or possums this is a good choice in that you will clearly know that they are dead. The problem is you may have to spend a lot of hours out at night time waiting for your opportunity. If you don’t have this kind of time then you may never get your target.

You can consider using a snare. Many are built like a bear trap, and when an opossum gets trapped in one it is for keeps. He is not getting out of this, and you will soon be rid of this creature. This can be a very messy alternative I will say. They close with a lot of force and parts of possum can go lots of directions. This can make for a pretty messy scene.

You will also want to be very careful with these traps. They can easily close on you and cause you to lose an arm or other part of your body. You also want to make sure your pets stay away from where the traps are set, because they can get trapped and become just as dead as the possum will.

There are also many different kinds of poisons you can get in South Carolina. Some act much more quickly than others, and this is really a personal choice for you. You may want to know the animal is dead and so you can employ a quick acting poison. This will require you to dispose the dead carcass and that may not be the most appetizing choice. If you choose this option make sure you wear gloves and old clothing when you do.

You can also choose poisons that will act more slowly. This will allow the possum to leave and go somewhere else to die. The concern you may have with this is that you cannot be positive that it died. You did not actually see the body, but you can assume it passed on.

If you have several possums crossing your South Carolina land that you are trying to get rid of, poison may be the best alternative. You probably cannot afford a lot of traps and shooting thirty or forty opossums may not be possible for you. Poison can do the trick and get a whole lot of them in one shot.

A word of caution about using poisons in Greenville. Your dog or cat may also eat this poison. In fact, birds, raccoons, squirrels and other Greenville critters may find it appetizing. Be aware that your poison may leave a wake of death behind it. Be sure to keep your pets away so they don’t eat something that could kill them.

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