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  • Greenville Educational Article of the Month - How to Kill a Mole

How to Kill a Mole

If you have mole problems then you are well aware already on how destructive these creatures can be in South Carolina. They get into everything by digging a series of tunnels all over your property that can do a lot of damage to your land. They ruin gardens, farm land, and can even have a negative effect on the foundation of your Greenville home. They are incredibly destructive.

That is not all the problems they create however. Their tunnels can make the soil stability significantly more fragile. This can mean that if your livestock or pet steps in a spot where a tunnel is not particularly deep they can sink in and get injured. This can cause serious injury which may mean you have to put down your pet, cow, goat, or horse. This is simply not acceptable.

Whether people like to admit it or not, the only option that may be available to you is to exterminate these creatures from your Greenville property. They are a nuisance that your land simply cannot sustain without suffering the possibility of real damage.

There are actually quite a few lethal options at your disposal to end the lives of these critters once and for all. The first of these is the trap.

There are two primary traps that are used to kill off the mole. The Scissor trap is the one that is employed least often of the two, but is still quite common. In this trap you dig a hole near the entrance of one of the gopher holes. You slide the trap in so that it is open on either side of the opening. When the mole travels through the trap it releases the mechanism and the trap closes on the mole. A bar then comes down and punctures of the mole. Between the tight grasp the mole suffocates. It cannot get out of the trap because the bar the punctured through keeps it trapped.

The harpoon trap is the more commonly used because it is a much quicker death. This is used by pushing the legs into the soil right above an area where the mole has a tunnel or will likely build a tunnel. When the mole hits a leg it releases the mechanism and the harpoon like pole shoots into the ground and kills the South Carolina mole. This is incredibly quick in how it works and does the job very effectively.

Poisons are another option that many opt for. There are some serious limitations with poisons because most moles dine off of such things as earthworms and roots. You can’t poison these things because you will not only destroy the ecosystem of your South Carolina property, but the mole is not eating a bunch of dead worms.

Poisons work best by allowing the mole to naturally ingest it. One of the best ways is by putting it at the entrance to the tunnels. When the mole comes and goes it steps in the poison and later it is absorbed into its skin naturally or when it licks its paws. This kills the Greenville mole albeit at a much slower rate than the traps.

There is no real worry about cleaning up the remains because most will go to the sanctuary of their tunnel system to die. Thus they literally dug their own grave in an ironic twist.

Some go the extreme option of gas or even dynamite. I will strongly recommend against either of these options. There are really two different gas options. The first is to pour gasoline into the hole and then set it on fire. This could work because even if you did not get the mole directly, all the oxygen would be sucked out and the mole would suffocate. As great of an idea as this sounds, consider a rather odd story. A man tried this and the mole came shooting out of the hole on fire, and run right into his shed which he set on fire. This was apparently the moles way of saying “burn me out; I can do the same thing to you.”

Gases as poisons require a large amount of these compounds and that can be very dangerous to the soil, your pets or even yourself. You may inhale this or your child or pet will and soon they are poisoned, possibly getting sick. You cannot take the risk of this, and there is also the distinct possibility that the mole may never breathe in the poison.

Some enthusiasts have gone as far as throwing dynamite into the tunnel looking to cause a cave in and kill the mole. Again, it seems to make sense, but if you do not know the extent of the tunnels you may cause a massive cave in that could completely destroy the look of your Greenville backyard. Not to mention that dynamite may kill you. Not a good option.

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